Chilla 3 chills bottles fast

Due to health reasons of the owners Chilla Oxfordshire Ltd will stop trading as from October 1st 2008

The trade name of Chilla has been gifted to Ice Box in Italy who have been the manufacturing company of the Chilla and the Freeza range.
They can be reached as follows
Tel: 0039 0142 451084
Fax: 0039 0142 73222
Email r.ippolito@icebox.it
web site www.icebox.it
The main contact will be Romina Ippolita who speaks English fluently
Exisiting customers can contact them direct for spares and new machines.

If Sleeves are required then customers should contact Ed Sharratt of Midship Boat Services
Tel: 02380 331462
Fax 02380 634623
E mail: edd@midshipboats.co.uk

If Glycol is required then you should contact Steve Hickson at Hyrda Tech
Tel : 0870 744 6395
Fax 0870 744 6396
E Mail: sales @coolflow.co.uk

We wish everybody success for the future and thank you for the support you have given Chilla and I am sure you will continue to do so.

It's Chilla time
Chilla 2 and 3 are ideal for restaurants and supermarkets where there is a high throughput of customers requiring specific wines chilled to their taste.
www.chilla.co.uk Chilla provides safe and dry chilling of 2 or 3 bottles simultaneously and uses far less space than conventional chiller cabinets.
www.chilla.co.uk Chilla is easy to use; just put in the bottles, select the time and the alarm lets you know when the wine is perfectly chilled.
www.chilla.co.uk You can't chill everything all of the time. Now customers can have their chilled drinks in minutes.
www.chilla.co.uk Chilla 2 and 3 will also frost glasses in under a minute.
Technical Information
Chilla 2 (2 bottle capacity)
  Size (cm): 38.0 front height x 43.0 back height x 50.0 x 44.0 depth
  Weight (kg): 27
Chilla 3 (3 bottle capacity)
  Size (cm): 34.0 front height x 39.0 back height x 59.0 x 46.0 depth
  Weight (kg): 30
  Power consumption: 300 w/hour
  Current consumption: 2 amps
Note the power and current apply to both products.

All products in the Freeza range keep wines and spirits at a constant chilled temperature . Freezas have internal lighting and come in 4, 6, & 9 bottle capacities and the new Iceberg "Freeza on Wheels" with a capacity of 16 bottles. The latest design - Freeza 4 - creates an attractive bar top feature providing superb branding opportunities.
The Freeza range of products is designed for the way people drink today catering for the rapidly growing market for chilled shots and chilled champagne
www.chilla.co.uk Cost effective means of keeping drinks chilled
www.chilla.co.uk Temperature range 0C to -16C
www.chilla.co.uk Maintains optimum drinking temperature
www.chilla.co.uk An attractive addition to your bar
Freeza 4 Freeza 4 Freeza on Wheels
Freeza Open Top Freeza 4 illuminated
Technical Information
Freeza 4 - (4 bottle capacity) Size: Height - 45cm, Width - 35cm, Depth - 35cm
Freeza 6 Round - (6 bottle capacity) Size: Height - 50cm, External Diameter - 38cm
Freeza 9 Round - (9 bottle capacity) Size: Height - 63cm, External Diameter - 38cm
Iceberg "Freeza on Wheels" - (16 bottle capacity) Size: Height - 93cm, Width - 50cm, Depth - 43cm